AL-ALAMEYA Pharmaceutical is a fast growing fully automated and energatice health care division under the umbrella of HANAA IBRAHIM SALAMA AL-ALAMEYA EST........... details

Latest Events

- Mobile Medical Units
Al Alameya proudly offers mobile medical units equipped with latest technology to support different medical cases including ICU units.

The all new medical bus can be equipped with the state of art  "SOFIA FUSION" intended for spreading the awareness about early detection of breast cancer and helping women in our society better fight the disease.

- Training
Al Alameya had a wonderful "Team Building" workshop for Mepha Saudi Arabia team on Jan. 8th, 2010. watch the event...


SOFIA is the new generation of breast cancer scanning and diagnosis devices
  • 3-minutes Scanning
  • No Radiation
  • No Compression
  • Totally 100% Privacy

Al-Alameya starts a new Training department for Management Consultancy and Training for Health Care Professionals. more details...
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